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I have taken a full time design position at Gensler in San Francisco. A fantastic opportunity to be a vital component of a great design team, extending Gensler’s brand in both print and developing new content for iPad touch screen environments. More on that later.


I was designing at Apple in Cupertino, CA. from April 2009 – October 2010 on an array of interesting projects, a variety of teams with fantastic people.

Blurb, Inc.

I was creative director and co-founding employee of in 2005. Blurb allow anyone to produce a professionally made book from their own computer. Print on demand with high design standards. I was responsible for every detail of blurb’s book products.

Michelle Kaufmann Design

Michelle Kaufmann identity and brand redesign. We had a great opportunity to extend our design in the field, with building site wraps and truck wraps.

Dwell Magazine, Volkswagen travel poster

Modernhouse design and editorial designed a two sided gatefold travel and destination guide called, ‘On The Road in Los Angeles’ … Designed for Dwell Magazine. Sponsored by Volkswagen.

Cheap Hotels

Cheap Hotels, designed by modernhouse design and editorial. Text and photography by Daisann McLane. Edited by Allison Arieff.


Prefab, by Allison Arieff and Bryan Burkhart. Book design, modernhouse design and editorial. Published by Gibbs Smith.

Airstream Postcard Box

Airstream Postcard Box containing 40 collectible postcards.


Airstream, The History of the Land Yacht, designed by Bryan Burkhart and published by Chronicle Books. A classic Airstream book and a fantastic design history of this American Icon. 144 pages. Text by David Hunt, edited by Allison Arieff.

Dwell Magazine: Dwell Home II

Working along side the Dwell design team, I designed a series of articles and sections as needed. Several of the articles contained special foldout sections which were added design fun. Winning home designed by Los Angeles–based firm Escher GuneWardena Architecture. 2004