Blurb, Inc.

I was a founding employee of in 2005. It was incredible having the rare opportunity to develop a well designed product and community from the ground up. We were designing and developing in smart efficient cycles that allowed us to grow quickly-but not too quickly. The core attributes that we developed in the first months still ring true today. We were driven by good design, aimed to create a friendly, easy to use experience that would allow many people/users to design, publish, promote, and share, books & stories like never before.

We knew if we could do that right, we would create a platform for passionate users. That passionate group has become a very lively community globally. Eventually, that community then shaped what Blurb became. Popular user requests became features. Our biggest challenge at Blurb was never a shortage of good ideas, but development time to create them. Of course, we naturally wanted every good feature and functionality at once, but this led to good debates.

In 2006, Blurb made its first 1M. In, 2007: $10M. Then, proof that design matters: exponential growth: 2008: $30M. 2009: $45M. Very big numbers indeed …

Homepage screen, 2009

Booksmart, Blurb’s free bookmaking software, 2009

Booksmart trim size screen, 2009

Blurb’s public bookstore. A great place to be a voyure, looking into other users books for endless inspiration.