Wesabe site redesign

Wesabe is an online money management tool with a focus on helping users make good financial decisions through the collective intelligence of the Wesabe community. I was brought in work with Wesabe’s internal team to design conceptual directions for new homepage and visually simplify their existing offering.

A series of concepts developed focused on bringing Wesabe users to the forefront, sharing their passions and successes, with the idea of inspiring others who want to make financial changes themselves.

Part of the conversation focused on trying to integrate user photography along with inspirational quotes and thoughts. Wesabe took the concepts back in house and finished the directions themselves. Here is their current homepage:

The original site [below] did not reflect the ease of use of Wesabe’s tools, nor did it really let you have a sense who is using Wesabe’s tools and why. The new friendly community centered site with clear and simple messaging, has helped Wesabe grow its users and community.